Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo International Exhibition Center
(Takes 40minutes by train from Asakusabashi station)

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park opened outside the United States.
(Takes 30 minutes by train from Asakusabashi station)



Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s most colorful and busiest districts, and birthplace to many of Japan’s fashion and entertainment trends including Yoyogi-park and Harajuku districts which are popular among young people.
(Takes 26minutes by train from Asakusabashi station)



Famous as home to the rich Roppongi Hills area and an active night club scene and the night life is known to be popular with westerners.

(Takes 24 minutes by subway from Asakusabashi station)

Tokyo Dome City


Tokyo dome city includes the world’s largest roofed baseball stadium known as Tokyo Dome , an amusement park known as Tokyo Dome City Attractions , and Korakuen Hall. In May 2003, a spa resort known as LaQua opened for business near Tokyo Dome City Attractions.

Tsukiji Fish Market


Central wholesale market is one of the biggest markets in the world which mainly sells seafood.

(Takes 12 minutes by subway from Asakusabashi station)

Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace

Located in the Marunouchi business district of Chiyoda, near the Imperial Palace grounds and the Ginza commercial district. (Takes 9 minutes by train from Asakusabashi station)



One of the major cities in Tokyo where you can find big department stores, specialist electronic and camera shops, cinemas, restaurants, bars and night clubs.

(Takes 17minutes by train from Asakusabashi station)

Asakusa Sensoji Temple


Asakusa is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo, where you can taste old culture of Tokyo.  It is a good place for souvenir shopping too.

Asakusa is on the north-east fringe of central Tokyo, at the eastern end of the Ginza subway line, approximately one mile east of the major Ueno railway/subway interchange. It is central to the area colloquially referred to as Shitamachi, which literally means “low city,” referring to the low elevation of this old part of Tokyo, on the banks of the Sumika river. As the name suggests, the area has a more traditionally Japanese atmosphere than some other neighborhoods in Tokyo do.

Asakusa is Tokyo’s oldest Geisha district, and still has 45 actively working geisha, including SAYUKI, Japan’s first Western geisha.

(Takes only 3minutes by subway from Asakusabashi station)

Ueno National Museum and Park


Ueno ParkUeno3

Ueno Park is famous for its many museums, especially art museums. The park is also well known as a cherry-blossom viewing spot. Ueno is part of the historical Shitamachi (literally “low city”) district of Japan, a working class area rather than where the aristocrats and rich merchants lived. Today the immediate area, due to its close proximity to a major transportation hub, retains high land value but just a short walk away to the east or north reveals some of the less glitzy architecture of Tokyo.(Takes 9 minutes by train from Asakusabashi station)

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